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Some years ago a gay couple (Vicent & Arnaldo) decided to open a different gay hotel to the ones we know, we started wondering what wouldn't we like to find in a hostel and what things we would like.
We had clear that it was going to be a hostel for lesbians and gays, however it wouldn't be exclusive, straights with respect for lesbians and gays would be welcome. We do not believe in the ghetto, but know for our experience the discrimination that still suffer lesbians and gays, asking something so simple like a wedding bed for two women or two men.
It had to be in Chueca, one of the most important lesbians and gays neighbourhood of the world. The decoration had to be gentle and well done, a good relation between quality and prices, also the staff should be kind and next to people. That is how we decided to open Hostal La Zona in Valverde, very close to Plaza de Chueca, the heart of the neighbourhood.
Thankfully to the good welcome of our clients, and for their suggestion, we decided to open also apartments with the same philosophy.

We like the idea of a hostel or apartment in which you want to be and stay, no just a place to leave the cases and sleep. A place where you really feel at home.

We are partners and since 2006 husband & husband. Love in not the unique thing that keep us together, but our "son": the hostel and the apartments, which one we feel specially proud, because "grows" fine and however it keep us too busy also give a lot of satisfactions.
Before hostel we were working in completely different things. Vicent was teacher in a public school and Arnaldo was partner of the first lesbian-gay bookshop of Spain, Berkana.

In Hostal La Zona we have tried to create a cosy and comfortable space. In the decoration we have mixed the antic (the building is from 1860) and the modern.
We treat that our customers feel that they are friends visiting Madrid and not questioned for their sexuality. We inform they about the intense cultural life of Madrid, about shops, clubs and most important lesbians/gays parties.
For us is very important not only how our clients feel, but also our employees. We always try to create a nice labour ambience where they feel comfortable and they do not consider it just another job. That is why they are resolute, nice and easy. Being a gay hostel we will not surprise for our customers questions about the gay scene, etc.

- Nice staff that share our philosophy.
- Lesbians and gays maps, magazines.
- Respect to the differences.
- Breakfast and buffet from 8:30 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
- Strict cleaning.
- Fruit 24h a day.
- Free wifi and computer in reception for our customers service.
Hostal la Zona, Calle Valverde 7, 1º y 2º
Tel y Fax: +34 915 219 904
e-mail: info@hostallazona.com